Effortless leave management

Leave History

Leave shows a detailed history of how many leaves have been taken in the past and the balance leave left.

Track Leave Proof Documents

Paperless transaction allows employees to attach medical certificates and supporting documents for each leave application.

Real Time Organisation Leave

Management gets a clear view of the entire organizations LEAVE status at any moment by a real time update of past and future leave applications.

Leave Calendar

Entire department and the company wide calendar to easily and quickly view which employees are on leave.


Using eLeave gives you a powerful tool that is customizable, detailed and easy to use leave management for your company.

Customizable To Any Policy

Flexible to meet and cater to any leave policy, it automatically calculates the leaves entitled to employees based on tenure, employment start date or probation period.

Detailed Reports

Gives a good overview of the company by providing detailed and customized summary reports of employee leaves. Manageable and easy as it can be accessed online so you are sure that information is also up-to-date.

Statutory Leaves

Fully compliant with MOM regulation on Childcare Leave, eLeave allocates and does the necessary calculations for the entitlement of the leave by simply keying in the child’s birthdate.

No-Pay Leave

Whenever a staff applies for a No-Pay Leave, eLeave calculates and syncs automatically with ePayroll. There is no longer any need for manual calculations as it handles even leave cash encashment.



eLeave makes sure you do not miss any important reminders such as reminding the managers about pending approvals and the employees to submit copies of their medical certificates.

Proration For Resignees And New Staff

Based on the rules set up, eLeave automatically prorates the employee’s leave whether they just joined or already resigning.

Powerful Calculation Engine

Offers the flexibility of multiple calculation options and does the transferring for you at the end of the year.

Productive and Error free

This is a very quick and easy way to manage leave for all employees with click of button.