• Sales is the lifeline of any business,
    Salesmen's commission is the passion to sell more

Asalta HRM has very flexible commission module that can be adjusted to an organisations needs. The system helps you create different tiered commissions for different types of Commissions.


Sales Compensation Automated

Rule Management

Set different flexible rules for different commissions

Commission Calculations

Automate the commission calculations and be free from errors and get commissions computed on time for payouts. Results in happy staffs and in-return results in more sales.

Commission Tracking

Track historical commission payouts by product/service and sales person for any duration.

Flat Commissions

Organisations with flat commission can benefit from setting up different types of flat commissions to benefit the staffs.

Percentage Commissions

Set different flexible rules for different tires of commissions

Sliding Scale Commissions

Automating the complex calculations of sliding scale commission is a breeze with Asalta HRM & Payroll system. The staffs are rewarded based on sales performance.

Split Commissions

Splitting commissions can be complicated when there are too many splits and too many criteria. Asalta HRM Payroll helps to automate this with a breeze.

Payment Disbursement

Automate all commission to payslip with one click of a button. Employees can view their commissions on the payslip. Sales Staff can login to view their commission on their Employee Self Service system.

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