Claims management made easy

Simple Approval Process

Claims once submitted it is sent automatically via email for approval. With a single click, managers are able to approve or reject claims.

Attach Receipts

All the receipts Routed to manager and finance department, the claims can be submitted with attached receipts and invoices for instant approval.

History Of Claims

Copies of attachment, claims and forms submitted are filed in a single location for easy tracking.

Tightly Integrated

In Asalta HRM the Claims is tightly integrated with Payroll, employees can be paid in a single click.

Auto Calculations Of Exchange Rate GST/VAT

eForm autocalculates any exchange rates, net amount, GST, VAT, and other forumlas that you would like to use.

Seamless Integration

eForm syncs with ePayroll, so you can pay your employees back in one click. eForm also integrates with Quickbooks Online, and data can be downloaded to any backend system.

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